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5 Must Try Champagne Cocktail Recipes

June 07, 2018

At last, summer is upon us and we are MORE than ready to soak up the sun with a little help from our friends, and by friends, we mean champagne cocktails of course!

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When you’re traveling with your girls, it’s all about fun

December 11, 2017

purwanderEnter the Beach Glass, a plastic vessel of familiar shape and size poised (perhaps a bit precariously) atop a large but not too pointy spike that slides effortlessly into the sand.

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The Hottest Must-Haves For Summer 2014

December 07, 2015

First, if you’re entertaining at the beach or park, you’ll love The Beach Glass!  These new acrylic “glasses” replace dangerous wine glasses and tacky plastic cups

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The Beach Glass makes drinking fun

September 24, 2015

Even though summer is officially over, you can still enjoy a taste of it when you plan your next vacation. This summer, we were loving glassware made by The Beach Glass.

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